How to Get Through Long Flights

Long haul flights, that take 15 hours or more, tend to be quite intimidating for most people. Any sort of challenge you have with short flights will be multiplied a number of times over during such flights. From dehydration to boredom and neck problems, what might have seemed like a simple flight might turn out to be quite a horrendous experience. However, with the right preparation, you can easily turn the tables and enjoy yourself as the time passes unnoticed.

Read on below to find out some useful tips on how to make it through difficult long haul flights:


One of the most important tips as far as staying healthy is concerned, is to stay hydrated throughout the flight. This is especially the case for people who usually get dehydrated even on short trips in a plane. You can start the hydration process before boarding your flight by consuming generous amounts of water. It is recommended that you drink electrolytes instead of regular water. This is especially the case for people who might have medical problems that may be made worse by drinking too much water.


It is normal for air travellers to want to pack more of their luggage in to their carry on as a way of making savings on the high luggage fees charged by airlines today. However, you have to limit how much carry on you have especially when taking a long haul flight. You want to have as much leg room as possible during the flight. Placing too much carry on under the seat or legs will eat up the space you need to be comfortable throughout the flight.

Sleeping Aids

Getting some much-needed sleep during a long flight ensures that you get to your destination feeling fresh and energised. However, this can be somewhat of a challenge considering the disturbances experienced on planes. Pilot announcements, crying babies and other passengers chatting and walking around can keep you up throughout the flight. It is recommended that you use a suitable sleeping aid to help you catch up on your sleep during the flight regardless of the noise levels. Be sure to experiment with the sleeping aid a few days before the flight at home to ensure it has the necessary effect on you.

Travel Gear

To survive a long haul flight comfortably, you will need to have the right travel gear. Even if you usually do not regularly use such gear when making shorter trips on planes, you definitely need it now. Travel pillows, earplugs, and noise cancelling headphones are a lifesaver on long haul flights.

Long haul flights can be brutal; however, with the above tips in mind, you can be able to have a better experience.

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