Shopping Tips for the International Traveller

Shopping during your travels makes for an interesting experience. Whether you shop for souvenirs and local wares or luxury goods, it can be worthwhile for you to have a number of tips to abide by. One of the most basic shopping tips is to avoid shopping at tourist centres where the prices are usually inflated; below you will find additional tips to help you make the most out of shopping abroad


The first and most important tip when planning to shop abroad is to have a set budget beforehand. Shopping abroad exposes you to a new and exciting world of merchandise; it is very easy for you to be carried away and overspend. To ensure that you do not get hit with a huge bill after getting back home or exhausting your travel budget while shopping, it is recommended that you prepare a reasonable shopping budget. Perhaps the most important part of preparing a shopping budget is actually sticking to it; otherwise, you will have wasted the time it took to prepare.

Exchange Rate

Remember that different countries use different currencies, as such; you will need to consider the exchange rate when shopping. In some countries, the exchange rate may be favourable while in others it can be unfavourable. To avoid losing too much of your money in the exchange rate, it is recommended that you take the opportunity to buy the local currency before you travel. The exchange rate fees may be more affordable this way.


When it comes to making actual purchases abroad, remember to negotiate the price. This can actually help you save a lot of cash which can be used for more shopping later on. In most countries, you can be able to negotiate the price on local wares and souvenirs. It is recommended that you research on whether haggling is an acceptable practice in the country you are planning to travel to in advance to avoid any awkward situations.

Avoid Major Cities

The appeal of major cities when it comes to shopping abroad is overwhelming. Whether it is New York, London or any other city, shopping malls and outlets are unlimited. However, it can be quite costly to shop in these cities. This is why it is recommended that you choose to go out shopping outside these major cities. Smaller cities may offer the same selection of wares and brand discount at a much lower price making for substantial savings.

Use the above tips keep the cost of shopping abroad as low as possible. Be sure to properly pack all your wares to avoid losing the savings made to high luggage fees on the return trip home.