iPhone 8: Rumours on What to Expect

While the iPhone 7 has just been recently released, it is undeniable that there are many people who can’t wait for the next instalment of Apple’s famed smartphone. Next year will make the 10th anniversary of the iconic iPhone, which is why many people have high hopes, expecting that it is going to be an epic one. Even experts are optimistic that it will include ground-breaking technologies as the brand is known for deliver the ultimate wow factor in every new phone that they bring to the market. What are some of the key technologies that Apple can possibly bring into life? While nothing is definite, those that are mentioned below are some that many people are predicting.

Curved Display

While this is not something that is new in the smartphone market, it is one thing that has long been awaited by many Apple enthusiasts. By sporting a curved display, the screen can be improved, and viewing experience can be better. It can also improve handling of the phone. More than the shape, it is anticipated that it will have an AMOLED display, which is said to be 5.8 inches. To complete the seamless design of the phone, bezels, and the home button will also be eliminated.

Wireless Charging

In the iPhone 7, the company ditched the headphone hack to be able to make the phone slimmer and lighter. In the iPhone 8, while the USB port will still be present, it is expected that the company will finally introduce wireless charging, a technology that has long been utilised by other brands of smartphone in the global market.

Iris Scanner

The fingerprint technology is an excellent way to make sure that your phone is protected. With the iPhone 8, meanwhile, there are also rumours that the company is going to introduce an eye scanning feature. Your iris will be used in order to unlock your phone. This is more secured compared to the use of your fingerprints.

All-Glass Design

This is one of the most revolutionary changes in the iPhone 8 if the rumours are to be believed. KGI Securities, which has gained reputation for leaking some features of the previous iPhones, has revealed that the complete overhaul of the phone will include the integration of an all-glass display, replacing the current aluminium casing. Studies are said to be underway in order to make sure that glass will not pose durability issues.

Premium Software

As part of the technological advancements of the new iPhone, it is also anticipated that the company will roll out iOS 11 and introduce new features that will provide users with a more seamless experience. This is pretty much one of the surest things to happen with the release of iPhone 8.

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