Hidden Features of Facebook That You Should be Aware Of

Facebook has been leading the field of social media for ages. People behind it managed to reinvent this platform over and over again to cater the demands of its users. The business model has immensely transformed to more than just the typical Facebook.com. This is only natural since Facebook is employing the service of the top program engineer in the world. The website has become multi-faceted and complex. As a matter of fact, there is much stuff that you can do with Facebook, and you are probably not aware of them all. And this doesn’t require add-ons or third-party apps.

The Message Request Feature

In case you have been a member of the social networking platform for quite some time now, your inbox is probably full of messages from your friends. However, did you know that you have a separate inbox for people who aren’t your friend? You might want to check that and see if there are any old friends you have missed. Simply click the message icon, and it will show you the most recent messages in your inbox. A little to the right would be the Message Request. After clicking this, the tab will show you a notification saying ‘See Filtered Request’. Tick that and you will be able to see your other messages.

Find Out Who Is Snooping on Your Facebook Account

In case you want to know if someone is logging in to your FB account without giving any permission, Facebook has a security feature that can help you find out. Go to the Setting Page and find the Security option. In this option, you will see the different places that you logged in. The system will show you a list of location where you accessed your account together with the device you used. In case you found something that you don’t recognise, just end the activity for the particular browser or device.

The Pirate Speak

10 years ago, pirate was a big thing, and the Engineers of Facebook will not be left behind with this craze. They added a feature that will let you translate the Facebook Interface into Pirate Speak (upside-down speak). In case you are curious about it, go to the General Setting. Find the Language option and find the English Pirate option.

Saving Post for Later

Have you ever found a post that you want to read, but you do not have the time? Facebook saw the need for this feature and add the ‘Save for Later’; unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it. Click the small arrow that you will commonly find in the upper right corner of the post. Choose Save Link and the link will be sent to the saved folder.

These are just four of the hidden features that you should be aware of. Keep posted for more secrets of Facebook that will interest you.