What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

In today’s world, Internet of Things is the very important topic all over the world, become very much popular on Social media and Press media. The Phrase Internet of Things is a combination of two what: One is the Internet (Network) and second is Things (Any object). The internet of things is the network of physical devices or objects/Things like: Vehicles, Home appliances, Industrial equipment, Office devices and Hospitals machines and also other things rooted with electronic devices, software, sensor devices, actuators and network connection- that enables these objects to communicate over a network.
The internet of Things is a system of interconnect computing devices that refer with Human-to-Human, Things-to-Things and Human-to-Things over a shared network. The Internet of Things technology has a wide range of networked products, systems, devices, sensors and objects having advantages of advancements in computing power, electronic miniaturization, and network interconnection to offer new capabilities not previously possible.
In others words, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the capability of everyday devices to connect to other devices and people through the existing Internet Infrastructures. Those devices connect and communicate in many ways. A huge scale of business proposals, business-conferences and debates have discussed that IoT is a revolution for new technologies, Like; new market research and business models to concerns more about security, privacy, comfort, reliability and technical interoperability.
For Example, smart devices interaction with another smart devices, Smartphones that interact with other smartphones over a network, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, Smartphones connected with home appliances, Smart Devices connected with video cameras, and medical devices.

What can IoT do?

  • IoT can Increase your independency and give you greater control on everything/any device.
  • It makes easier life, give comfort. It gives comfort and makes life easier.
  • You can easily connected with your smart devices on a network.
  • It helps to build a communication channel between human-to-human, human-to-things, and things-to-things.
  • It save your time and efforts. Saves
  • Improve your personal safety, security and regular activity/tasks.
  • It allows you to totally connect with smart device on network. Smart devices
  • From anywhere you can monitor your home and families remotely to keep them safe.
  • Internet of Things provides secured and private accessible nature of devices. Where your all data over a network is secured.
  • Instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems.
  • Internet of Things can save people, money, time and efforts within the environment. If and only if their Home appliances are connected with shared networked.