Top 3 SEO Software Platforms 2016

The basic concept of an SEO software platform is all of your Search Engine Optimisation methods in an all in one software package. A good SEO software platform has many intricate parts within the application that are critical to proper SEO.

The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimisation is to rank as close to number one on the searched criteria lists. A good SEO platform will have keyword generation and use, backlink capability, meta-tags and meta-descriptions, and some basic concept of anchor data or text.

There is a difference between organic SEO and automated or paid searches. Paid searches are more automated and lend themselves to mostly categorise file size and name, but still show up close to the top because of being a paid ad. Organic traffic is harder to obtain and requires more in-depth SEO practices.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a complete SEO software platform ready out of the gate to perform head and shoulders above their competition. They offer keyword grouping and suggestions, competitor analysis, website rankings, reporting, backlink analysis and offers marketing plans for all your digital campaigns. SE Ranking is cloud-based and is considered one of the best online marketing platforms.

2. Web CEO

This SEO software application is another one of the best SEO optimisers on the market today. They offer user-friendly dashboards, automated rank, and social media tracking, branded reporting, competitor analysis, keyword analysis and audits.

They also offer team collaborations, integrated hosting, cloud-based content management and marketing analytics. This platform is an all in one SEO software platform for all of your Search Engine Optimisation needs, with one drawback being it cannot be used on a Mac OS.

3. SEO Power Suite

SEO Power Suite is an all in one SEO software platform that comes with a one-time only upfront cost with not subscription fees. It runs cloud or web and has many likeable features of others, but limited exporting of data and report options may be a drawback for some.

SEO Power Suite is targeted towards the small to medium sized business models but offers content management, rank tracking, competitor analysis, keyword research, link, social media and audit management. This platform is good for smaller scaled projects and is intuitive and useful.

When you need a helping hand with SEO, these platforms could be a great help with helping you analyse competition and backlink along with keyword research and rank data. SEO software platforms make it easier to rank higher in search engines and help you with reporting and website audits.

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